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New Design of ProArc-Mplus

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Arc flash is the energy release that occurs during an electrical fault, causing a short circuit. It routinely produces a powerful explosion marked by searing heat, temperatures can reach 35,000 °F, toxic fumes, blinding light.

To protect electric workers, we have published ProArc-Mplus series fabric, which show excellent performance, such as high ATPV, light wear, comfort to wear. And these have been using in the electricity industries in the European countries, Peru, and military in Colombia. Furthermore, Topsafe still focus on improving the performance, and publish the ProArc-Mplus double weave series.


DW*=Double Weave



1. Complete protection solution from HRC1 to HRC4 and from APC1 to APC2.

2. Excellent arc flash protection. Light weight with higher ATPV. For ProArc-Mplus-240 DW(double weave), the ATPV value reach 16 Cal/cm2.

3. Outstanding flash fire protection. For ProArc-Mplus-180, the total area of 2nd and 3rd degree burn injury is less than 15%.

4. Better air permeability. Because of the double-layer construction, it can pass more air.

5. Long-life cycle. Their flame retardant performance will not decline by time and wash.

6. Soft and comfortable to wear with good wicking.


Electrical industry, Petroleum industry, Defense and so on.


ISO11611, ISO11612, NPFA2112, EN1149-3, IEC61482, ASTM F1959, ASTM F 1930 and so on.

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