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New PETRO-V Protect---Your Petro-Chemical Valued Choice

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The PETRO-V series flame retardant and anti-static fabrics prepared by the research team of TOPSAFE using the blending technology of inherently flame retardant fibre have permanent flame retardant properties, no shrinkage and melting phenomenon in case of fire, self-extinguishing from fire, which can effectively prevent the spread of flame;At the same time, the fabric has a variety of specifications: 160g/m2, 180g/m2, 210g/m2, can be used in a variety of occasions, competitive price.

1. lnherently Flame Retardant
 Permanent Flame Retardant, A1& A2 Passed with Test Report

2. Moisture Absorption and Sweat Releasing
 Adopted Natural Viscose Fibre

3. Colorful To Choose, High Color To Fastness.
More Colour Available,  Colour Fastness to Light Meet Grade 4. 

4. Comfortable To Wear
Soft Hand-feeling , Skin-friendly.

5. Competitive Price
Competitive Cost of Raw Material, 30% Cost Saved, Your Valued Choice!


ISO11612 , EN1149-5 , The NFPA2112 Under Testing.


The certification will be updated soon.


It is widely used in Petrochemical industry, Natural gas, and has the high temperature resistant, inherent flame retardant .


The more information and sample could be available, Please don't hesitate once you have doubt.

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