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Yuanfeng Textile and innovative products appeared at the 104th China Labor Protection Products Fair

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    At this exhibition, Yuanfeng Company focused on showing high -efficiency and comfortable welding protection clothing, 1000kV -striking workshield shielding, electrical anti -arc uniforms, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC flames and anti -static uniforms, all of which were independently developed by Yuanfeng Company. Strong technical and high quality. Among them, high -quality products "High -efficiency and Comfortable Welding Protective Services" use high -efficiency and comfortable welding protective fabrics, comprehensively considering the flame retardability, thermal protectionability, and anti -melting -financing metal impact performance of the protective fabric. Good fiber and high -performance aramid fiber blended, and combined with yarn and fabric structure design to achieve an effective combination of efficient protection functions and comfort; Electrical performance and permanent flame retardant performance; smooth cloth surface, fashionable, strong, durable, comfortable to take; "anti -electrical arc uniforms" have permanent flame retardant and superior arc and thermal protection performance, which can effectively prevent high temperature and flames from harming the human body to the human body. ; It also has the characteristics of flame retardant, high temperature resistance, good breathability, soft and comfortable, acidic and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, stable size and other characteristics; "PetroChina, Sinopec, China Sea oil flame -retardant anti -static uniforms" use high -performance flame retardant materials , Use advanced craftsmanship, have functions such as oil resistance and water, flame retardant, and anti -static, and are comfortable to wear.

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